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There is a verse in Johns Gospel, where Jesus says

 ‘I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness.’


This Sunday four of our staff team will be running 13.1 miles from Newcastle to South Shields, raising awareness and money for Oasis Aquila Housing. If they are anything like me, our Great North Run team of runners will feel acutely the fact that a journey from A to B can be a long and hard road. Our runners will dig deep, they will keep going, they will take the jelly beans, the water, the orange segments and the encouragement from people they do not know but who, by being there at the side of the road for that 13.1 miles, become their source of fuel for the journey.

Last weekend a story hit the press in London and then it traveled around the world.

It was the story of these spikes

Yesterday we sent to press posters, declaring each of our five values: Inclusion, Worth, Hope, Perseverance and Life. These will be delivered to each of our projects & central office to be hung up for everyone to see and reflect on. As I signed off on the design, it made me think again about our values and the importance of them.

Our last blog was regarding our vision for community. The thing with vision of course is that it doesn’t become reality without determination. It doesn’t happen without righting some wrongs. It doesn’t happen without getting things that stop the vision from being a reality out of the way, and other things that are essential being brought in.